Eligibility Requirements to Become a CHC Student


All Tri-C, Lakeland CC, and LCCC students are welcome to participate in CHC-sponsored programs.

Students interested in becoming CHC Students must first set up an appointment with the CHC representative at their home institution; our CHC advisors’ email addresses and phone numbers can be found on our Contact Us page. Then, you’ll complete the CHC Program Agreement and the CHC Student Program Application. Students must intend to major in one or more humanities disciplines and should understand that the minimum GPA to transfer to CWRU is a 3.2. By the time of application of application to CWRU, students must have achieved a cumulative 3.2 GPA.


Eligibility Requirements to Become a CHC Scholar

CHC Students who intend to transfer to CWRU as CHC Scholars must meet the following requirements:

  1. Students must intend to major in one or more humanities fields at CWRU.
  2. CHC Students who have a 3.2 cumulative grade point average, are on track to complete their associate’s degree, and will have completed at least 54 credits by the end of the spring semester may apply for admission to CWRU and to be a CHC Scholar. Applications are due to CWRU by March 15th of the year of transfer. The CHC will host multiple application workshops to help you complete this process!


Benefits of Being a CHC Student at Tri-C, Lakeland CC, and LCCC

Students who have met with their institution’s CHC representative, have completed the CHC Student Program Application, and have signed the CHC Program Agreement are eligible for the following benefits:


Personalized CHC Counseling and Transfer Guidance

CHC Students will have access to dedicated CHC counselors and advisors who will review your current transcripts to make sure you are on track to complete your associate’s degree. They will explore the different major and minor options at CWRU with you, and provide you with a personalized CHC Transfer Pathway to ensure that you understand how your credits from Tri-C, Lakeland CC, or LCCC would transfer to CWRU. You will also work closely with the CHC Program Manager at CWRU, who will help your transition to CWRU go as smoothly as possible. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch!


Financial Aid Advising and Scholarships

CHC Students are required to meet with financial aid advisors, who will provide you with comprehensive financial aid advising and alert you to scholarship opportunities that may be available to help you complete your associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.


Opportunity to Take CWRU Classes while Enrolled at Tri-C, Lakeland CC, or LCCC

All students enrolled full-time (i.e., for 12 credits) at their home institutions may participate in “Cross-Registration” to take one additional course at CWRU while paying your regular Tri-C, Lakeland CC, or LCCC tuition. CHC Students who have completed a college-level English or Composition course and have taken a minimum of 6 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher are eligible to participate in “Concurrent Enrollment,” which allows students to register for at least 6 credits at at their home institutions and then up to 6 credits at CWRU. If you’re interested in either of these options, please visit our Contact Us page and email or call the CHC advisor at your college.


Micro-internship Opportunities for Tri-C Students

A “micro-internship” is a short-term, project-based internship opportunity for the purpose of career exploration. CHC Students are encouraged to work with CHC Staff, who will help you set up potential micro-internships in your field of interest. Please email Meghan Chrobak for more information.


Special Access to CHC Programming

The CHC’s mission is to foster the growth of the humanities in Northeastern Ohio. The CHC helps to support humanities speakers and lecturers throughout the region. CHC students will be given special access to these events. You might have a chance to speak with these renowned scholars one-on-one! Visit our Events page to see our upcoming CHC programming.


Benefits of Being a CHC Scholar at CWRU

Once you’ve been accepted to both CWRU and the CHC program and have officially enrolled, you will be a CHC Scholar. Congratulations!


Specialized Mentoring and Advising

CWRU’s Office of Undergraduate Studies will review your academic transcript and determine which of your courses will transfer and count towards graduation requirements. You will have a faculty advisor in your major as well as CHC faculty and graduate student mentors who will provide you with support and advice along the way. All students are also assigned a Student Success Navigator from the Office of Student Advancement. The CHC Program Manager at CWRU, Lisa Nielson, will also be a resource for all CHC Scholars throughout their time at CWRU.


Funded Research and Internship Opportunities

CHC Scholars may apply for funding to support an independent research project that will be completed during their second summer at CWRU. Students will be expected to submit a research proposal including a budget that aligns with their interests in the humanities. This research project can contribute to a student’s SAGES Capstone, a requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The research grants may not be used to pay tuition.

Students who have been hired to complete an unpaid internship may also apply for funding to support themselves financially during their experience. Please contact the CHC Program Manager at CWRU, Lisa Nielson, for more information about either of these opportunities.


Special Access to CHC Programming and Events

Your Case ID will give you free admission to the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Western Reserve Historical Society, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and more. Additionally, CHC Scholars will be given special access to campus programs, classes, events, and speakers that relate to the humanities.


Career Counseling

As a CHC Scholar, and later as a CWRU graduate, you will have lifetime access to CWRU’s phenomenal Office of Post-Graduate Planning and Experiential Education. The staff at PGP&EE provide students with personalized career counseling even after graduation!


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