Faculty at both institutions are the heart of the Cleveland Humanities Collaborative. The program seeks to establish strong relationships between faculty at Tri-C and CWRU, knowing that our collaborations will support students in their academic and career goals. We are all champions of humanistic study and serve as enthusiastic advocates of its benefits.

There are multiple ways that faculty can be involved in the CHC. You can bring students to events, welcome CHC representatives and mentors into your classes, attend events both large and small, speak at gatherings about the program, or enlist your colleagues in the work.

Faculty at both institutions can offer to guest lecture in a class, or request a guest lecturer for their class. If you’re interested in either option, please email Allison Morgan at allison.morgan@case.edu.


If you’re a Tri-C faculty member:

  • You can schedule a time for CHC leadership to visit your class to talk about the CHC program and the importance of the humanities.
  • You can encourage you and your students to attend CHC events.
    Participate in CHC faculty activities.
  • Visit our Events page to see what is coming up, and if there are any events that tie in specifically with your curriculum. Let us know how we can facilitate special access for your students.
  • Talk to students who you think are good fit for the CHC and put them in touch with either mentors or the Transfer Connection Center.
  • Let us know your ideas about recruiting students, events that you would like to plan, or other ideas you have for the CHC.


If you are a CWRU faculty member:

  • You can host visiting Tri-C students in your humanities classes to give prospective CHC Scholars a glimpse of what they could expect once they arrive at CWRU.
  • Participate in recruitment activities at Tri-C.
  • Visit Tri-C classes and events to get to know both faculty and students.
  • Participate in CHC faculty activities.
  • Propose programming that highlights the humanities at CWRU and will appeal to students and faculty.
  • Think of ways to collaborate.
  • Encourage your students to attend CHC events. Visit our <Events> page to see what is coming up, and if there are any events that tie in specifically with your curriculum.
  • Recommend CWRU student ambassadors who can meet with Tri-C students about humanities at CWRU.
  • Be involved with the CHC Scholars once they arrive on campus. Email Allison Morgan at allison.morgan@case.edu.