As part of their participation in the CHC, Tri-C students have the opportunity to complete one or more micro-internships prior to transferring to CWRU. In short, a micro-internship is a career exploration opportunity. Your micro-internship might be a short-term project; an informational interview with a professional in a field you are interested in pursuing; or a short-term research project with a professor. These experiences can accommodate busy schedules, because their time commitments range from 2 to 24 hours per semester; this flexibility allows CHC Students to continue working their part-time or full-time jobs and balancing a rigorous course load. CHC Students who successfully complete a micro-internship will receive a stipend up to $400.

CHC Students have completed micro-internships with the following organizations:

Western Reserve Historical Society

Cleveland Museum of Art

Tri-C Women’s and Gender Studies Department

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

Veteran’s Administration (VA)

Swetland Center at Case Western Reserve University

Catholic Charities

If you are interested in participating in a paid, short-term micro-internship, please reach out to CHC Program Specialist Michelle Bennett.