CHC Allies are members of the CWRU community who advocate for university policies that enable first-generation (FG), non-traditional (NT), transfer (CC), or limited-income (LI) students to succeed at CWRU.

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Name Title/Department Email Address Status
Rebecca Benard, PhD Biology CC
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer Philosophy LI
David Busch History
Cara Byrne SAGES/English
Brian Clites Religious Studies
Avidan Cover Law; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Director of the Institute for Global Security Law & Policy
Kimberly Emmons English
Kathleen Farkas Mandel School of Applied Sciences
Norah C. Feeny Psychology
Sarah Gridley English
Susan Hinze Sociology FG, LI
Bernie Jim SAGES/History CC
Caitlin Kelly SAGES/English
Pete Moore Political Science
Lisa Nielson SAGES/Music, Anisfield-Wolf SAGES Fellow LI
Todd Oakley Cognitive Science
Erika Olbricht English
Gabrielle Parkin SAGES/English CC, FG, LI
Damaris Punales-Alpizar DMLL – Spanish FG, LI
Arthur Russell English CC, FG, LI
Martha Schaffer English; Associate Director of Composition
Maya Simek Law; Director of CWRU’s Health & Human Trafficking Clinic FG, LI
Name Title/Department Email Address Status
Nilda Baker, MSSA Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Office of Development and Almumni Relations, School of Medicine FG
Colleen Barker-Williamson Director of Student Activities and Leadership LI
Rachel Begley Director, Graduate Professional Development Center, School of Graduate Studies FG
Lauren Bohatka Manager of Partnerships and Development, Master of Science in Anesthesia Program CC, LI
Brian Browne Director of Major Gifts, College of Arts and Sciences FG
Kate Camin Department Assistant, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics CC, LI
Lisa Camp Chief of Staff, Office of the Provost FG
Michal Colie Department Assistant, Office of University Housing CC, LI
Dawn Ellis Department Assistant, National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences FG, LI
Amani Green Undergraduate Admission Counselor
Adrian Griffin Associate Director, Center for Civic Engagement & Learning FG, LI
Daniel Gunther
Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations;  Office of Development and Alumni Relations; School of Law
April Hickman Assistant Director, FOCUS Programs – TRIO, Division of Student Affairs
Sarah Hill Substance Abuse Counselor, University Health and Counseling Services FG, LI
Carrie M. Lovelace Executive Director for Endowment and Restricted Funds FG, LI
Amanda L. Mahoney Chief Curator, Dittrick Medical History Center and Museum
Rebecca Manning Safety Services Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety FG, LI
Marguerite McClain
Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission
Elizabeth Meinke Exhibits Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library CC, LI
Katie O’Malley Alumni Center Coordinator, The Alumni Association CC, FG, LI
Lynn Rollins Program Director, Center for Engineering Action
Andrea Shellenberger Director, Support Services Hub, School of Medicine
Erin Smith Research Services Librarian, Kelvin Smith Library CC, FG
Matthew Smith Project Director, NOA-AGEP, School of Graduate Studies CC, LI
Eric Sustar Undergraduate Admission Counselor
Erika Weliczko Energy Manager, Office of Energy and Sustainability, Division of Campus Planning and Facilities Management
Elizabeth Wilkes Director of Human Resources, Weatherhead School of Management LI, NT
Carla Wilson Student Affairs Coordinator, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering FG, LI
Name Title/Department Email Address Status
Vrére Bunkley MSPOD LI
Maxine Ceraolo Nursing CC, FG, LI
Maia Delegal Alumni Partner is CC, FG, LI
Marsha Kincade Music FG, LI
Ali Klein Clinical Psychology
Courtney Koski International Studies FG
Lindsey Lott LI
Caitlin O’Brien English
Meagan Ray-Novak Social Welfare, Mandel FG, LI
Charlee Thomas Law LI
Hayley Verdi English